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The people who are crazy enough to think they can
change the world are the ones who do.
—Steve Jobs

Abundance is available for everyone. You just need to tap into it. This article provides methods to bring prosperity to all humankind, despite diverse upbringings, backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, circumstances, abilities, disabilities, and challenges.

Heaven on Earth Chant

Our planet can be a heavenly place. If we treat it with respect, and if we come together in harmony, we could cre­ate a loving vibration that would sustain us into a future of love, light, happiness, and fulfillment. Speak this affirmation audibly with conviction as you visualize heaven on earth.

Our planet is now a heavenly place to live.

Humanity now treats our planet with respect.

Humanity now treads lightly on the soil, air, and water.

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Humanity is now compassionate, kind, and tolerant.

Love and respect now abide within each human heart.

Harmony now dwells within each human mind.

Peace now resides within each human soul.

Humans now radiate love, light, happiness, and fulfillment.

Humans now take responsibility for their actions.

Righteousness is now established on earth.

Heaven on earth is now a reality.

Thank you God, and SO IT IS.

Abundant Life Meditation

There are enough resources on planet earth to sustain all life. However, disrespect, inequity, stupidity, self-indulgence, callousness, heartlessness, cruelty, and greed have caused a per­ilous situation that threatens humanity’s lifeblood—earth’s resources. This meditation can contribute to planetary fecundity. Please record these words on your device. Then sit comfortably in your favorite chair, start the playback at a low volume, and follow the instructions.

If you are listening to this as a recording, now close your eyes and keep them closed throughout the meditation, until I tell you to open them.

Now create a picture in your mind’s eye of our beautiful planet, as seen from outer space . . . Envision this beautiful globe, with its deep blue oceans, green and gold continents, and swirling white clouds . . . Picture the sun, moon, and starry skies in the distance . . .

Now draw closer to the earth and view our beautiful planet teeming with life . . . From your vantage point, high above the earth, see the forests, rivers, oceans, lakes, icecaps, farms, roads, bridges, towns, and cities . . . As you move closer to the planet, notice millions of species of plants, trees, insects, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, undersea life, and underground life . . . See the profusion of species and how the web of life operates in perfect harmony . . .

Now imagine that humans transform their relationship with the earth. They now wake up to the damaging practices that destroy the bionetwork . . . They now appreciate and honor these copious species . . . All practices that harm the ecosystem are now banned . . . Animal cruelty and poach­ing no longer exist . . . There is no deforestation, habitat destruction, or waste of natural resources . . . Electromag­netic and radiation pollution are now forbidden . . . There is no pumping petroleum, burning it, making it into plastic, or poisoning the atmosphere . . .

Now imagine humanity changing its relationship with water. They now preserve, respect, and honor water . . . They no longer poison the planetary water supply . . . Intelligent solutions to water shortages are now implemented . . . Glob­al warming and glacial shrinkage are now reversed due to a worldwide veto on carbon emissions, as eco-friendly energy sources are now universally implemented . . .

Now imagine that humans ban all destructive agricultur­al and animal breeding practices. Genetically modified organ­isms are now prohibited . . . Deadly pesticides are no lon­ger allowed . . . Farming practices no longer damage the soil . . . Crops are rotated, fields lay fallow, and our precious soil is preserved . . . The highest standards of organic food processes prevail in all livestock, poultry, and dairy production . . .

Now picture the pharmaceutical industry no longer ruled by greed. It now supports and promotes the health, well-being, and welfare of all life . . . Life-giving medications and healthcare are now affordable for all . . . Homeopathic, herbal, and other holistic remedies are widely respected and prescribed . . . Physicians and other healthcare profession­als now focus solely on saving lives, preventing illness, and promoting wellnes . . . Health information is no longer censored, and freedom of speech is restored . . .

Because of new, powerful, positive changes in humanity’s relationship with our precious planet, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of humanity is now healthy, balanced, and harmonious. All living things now dwell in well-being, wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and abundance.

Now zoom back into outer space and view our precious planet again. See it glowing and radiating a beautiful em­erald green aura of perfect robust health, conservation of resources, ecological balance, rich supplies and reserves, glowing happiness, and prosperity for all.

Now it is time to come forward from this meditation. Keeping your eyes closed, with joy and gratitude in your heart, now vigorously blow out air at least four times as if you are blowing out candles . . . [Record 15 seconds of silence here.] Then return to internal and external balance, open your eyes, and repeat this affirmation after me:

I AM alert . . . I AM very alert . . . I AM awake . . . I AM very awake . . . I AM inwardly and outwardly balanced . . . I AM in control . . . I AM the only authority in my life . . . I AM divinely protected . . . by the light of my being . . . Planet earth is now . . . in perfect balance and well-being . . . There is abundant life on this planet . . . in ecological harmony . . . Thank you God, and SO IT IS.

Bountiful World Trade Practices

We can unite in a world of great prosperity when we elim­inate the chokehold of unjust world trade practices. Speak this affirmation audibly with conviction, certainty, and trust to help humanity move toward harmonious, plentiful world trade.

The Law of Circulation, the Law of Compensation,

The Law of Increase, and the Law of Unlimited Good

Are now at work on planet earth,

Bringing plentiful abundance to all.

God (Good) is in charge of world trade now.

The forces of greed and avarice

No longer dictate world trade practices.

The forces of good and of highest wisdom

Now bring fair trade and equity to all humanity.

There is plenty for all, and throughout the planet

All beings enjoy great wealth, riches, and affluence.

Thank you God, and SO IT IS.

Planetary Prosperity Affirmation

The infinite source and supply of Spirit are a treasure trove of abundance that anyone can tap into. This affirmation can help reverse poverty and increase worldwide prosperity and limitless opportunities. Please speak these words audibly with conviction and confidence.

Spirit is the infinite source and supply of divine abun­dance. Its vast resources are without end or limit, and there is always a divine surplus. This treasury is open eternally, and the door is unlocked forever. Everyone can tap this boundless cache of plentiful prosperity. Anyone can walk into its vault and withdraw endless bounty.

I now visualize all of humanity opening the door to this limitless storehouse of riches, which is replete with never-ending wealth, money, opulence, affluence, success, fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, pleasure, elation, delight, inspi­ration, and ecstatic bliss.

I now envision all humans taking responsibility for their well-being. They live worthwhile lives filled with enriching activities. They enjoy plentiful supplies of clothing, food, housing, health, wellness, and rewarding occupations. They encounter serendipitous coincidences that are not really co­incidental. They lead rich and satisfying spiritual lives, in happiness, harmony, and contentment.

I now imagine our planet abounding with bounteous life, rich and profuse in diversity. All humans now live in accord with the earth, and enjoy peace, prosperity, and ful­fillment. Life on earth is joyous, pleasant, balanced, and harmonious. Thank you God for manifesting all that I have spoken, or better, in the life of humanity now. And SO IT IS.

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BOOK: Prosperity Meditations

Prosperity Meditations: Everyday Practices to Create an Abundant Life
by Susan Shumsky DD

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